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Automated Salesforce Testing

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Provar Automation offers intuitive testing solutions with world-class service from the experts in Salesforce testing.

With Provar Automation, you can:

Reduce time and costs of manual testing

Deliver higher quality releases

Accelerate your release cycle

Set up a test in 5 minutes

Support any custom app

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Build and automate reusable, intuitive test cases quickly across your entire Salesforce ecosystem and beyond and elevate your quality output.

Here's how it works:

Provar Automation makes testing intuitive and resilient, inside and outside of Salesforce.

It meets people -- from individual manual testers to comprehensive QA teams -- 

at every stage in their journey.

Reuse a single test across the entire business pipeline

Testing Salesforce should be easy. With Provar Automation, it is. One automated test replaces 100s of manual tests — and can be set up in minutes. Save time, save money.

Reduce time and costs of manual testing

Provar Automation automates your testing so that you can spend your time doing other work. With its powerful testing capabilities, you can use Provar Automation to set up virtually any test you need in a matter of minutes.

Deliver higher quality releases

Provar Automation stores a declarative description of the test in a test case repository. Provar Automation remembers the Salesforce environment in which the test was created and understands how Salesforce has changed. Tests are rendered into the new environment the same way Salesforce itself renders a user interface.

It has been a pleasure working with Provar. Provar Automation has enabled us to set up a fast and reliable test suite that meets our client’s Sales Cloud and Vlocity needs.

Yogesh Jadhav, Test Automation Consultant at Sogeti

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